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Welcome to a short background on all things Diz. To type away my writers block in the second sentence; Its ever so slightly tricky when a friend asks you to put on the net a bunch of words that state yourself – what/how to say? However I’m glad for the chance as it’s a way to make an introduction to many peeps I look forward to meeting (Charles n’ other SBers), before you meet the face. And in the condition, my nose and face has been in of recent weeks this is probably a better medium. Anyways, glad I aired out that awkward apprehension in the second sentence, and rolling on in the following paragraphs contains a brief skim of the aforementioned statement of oneself.

burning-man-two-079I consider myself disgustingly lucky to be born to a wonderful family in Tasmania, Australia. Australia is removed and therefore accordingly distinctly unique in Flora and fauna, and I consider Tasmania to be similarly removed again from Australia, Standing alone and unparalleled in its own evolved beauty. The island knows, no lack of favourable wind and wave energy, but all those who chase this abundance of roaring forties fuelled action are in it strictly for the love, as the frigid temperatures will test and torture even the most stoked surf seeker. 5x4x3s, hoods, booties and peeing can only help so much.

After the completion of my studies at age 17, I briefly dipped my toes into university life, sampling the beginnings of a law/commerce combined degree at Tasmanian University, but I found a lot of its components sterile and restlessness soon had me on the move. I had bodyboarded most of my youth, and was looking for something outside the box from my studies and regular routine of surf spots. A brief venture into snowboarding and bartending struck a chord with me, and for the following near four years I wandered the globe chasing winter back and forth between alternating hemispheres. A little under four years was accumulated relaying trips to the ever stunning mountains of Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, and back to Mt.Hotham, Victoria Aussie and Hakuba, Japan, and the rest of the years was quickly consumed road tripping, backpacking, and adventuring through multiple visits in the Central and North Americas, Aussy, Euro, Asia, Hawaiian Islands, Indo and a bunch of random spots in between. What was once intended as a brief exploratory trip to seek different challenges and a warm water alternative to my homebreak has rolled into 5 plus years of floating here to there, and my present itinerary for the future predicts much of the same. Being from a cold climate and the previous snowy years spent, has ingrained in me a love for colder weather and a beanie slung low on my head, but this current situation of a pair of boardshorts on rotate for each day of the week is a damn easy way to live.

How my travel trajectory was tangled with this motley crew and Kyber’s epic experiment leaves me at times puzzled, and it’s easiest to say that I met the “Natty M” cause through the beacon of Kahlil’s handle bar moustache in the French Caribbean. Aboard the “Natural Mystic” I assume the role of dish bitch, mess scrubber, frothy frother, deckhand, occasion scape goat, (I got ‘em coming) and uber chic hairstylist.
Anyways, the remaining details you may assume upon meeting me, and until then, I will try and keep you in the loop of my experiences and character as it compiles in this adventure through my entries.


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  • 1 natalie // Jun 14, 2009 at 9:14 pm

    loved reading your tales diz as i drunk a wildcat listening to the great tunes of elton’s tiny dancer. life is sweet hey bud xoxoxoxo

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