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Bonjour Friends

February 26th, 2009 · 2 Comments

In the Chopo barrel

Welcome back to a sweaty nautical life. You are rejoining us at Taina Marina, Papeete, where we are awaiting the arrival of replacement alternators courtesy of DHL postal from America. Our engine situation has kept us in this vicinity, but we have found some fun little escapades of late, mainly nocturnally.  

Within direct eye sight of our Bimini couch is the vicious reef pass wave of Taapuna. The waves break in less than a foot of water and offers a solid adrenaline shot with each shallow slab that dredges inches over the reef. Recently we had a full moon that illuminated a tranquil night with such a vibrant silver glow that enabled our crew to share some shallow midnight barrels. The serene breathless night made for excellent visibility through the crystal waters to observe the flurry of activity on the reef, as fish of all sizes perused our bobbing forms, occasionally feeding on our reef wounds. I am speculating the local fish of Taapuna have evolved specialized unique carnivorous feeding habits, as the waves here deliver skin slicing kisses from the ever close reef which the little buggers eagerly nibble and feed upon. Through the still night you could hear hoots of surf stoke punctuated by abrupt yelping and cursing as another eager fish struck its dinner from your shredded knees, hands, feet and back. As the hours passed midnight, the moon was in perfect overhead position for the barrels, and your view from the inside as the lip hurled its curl off the inky black transition of the wave face gave each droplet in the cascade a backlit colour of steely shining silver, like standing inside a spinning molten metal monochrome vortex.

The Natty M dynamic has rearranged itself, With our lovely feminine representative, Tina (much missed, love muffin!) heading back to the real world in Norway and Dom arriving to continue capturing the adventure in photo form. His learning curve as a water photographer went into a steep incline as he was promptly thrown into the menace of Teahupoo with shooting subjects of surfing world champ Andy Irons, Cory Lopez and entourage on our recent mission there. We hit the wave for a week long strike to coincide with a beautiful south swell, and as with previous visits to this Mecca of tube riding, Plenty of mind altering waves were ridden and observed. The wave and its surroundings have stamped itself into my mind with an other-worldly aura.

Adam getting barrelled

On return to Marina Taina, our crew unfortunately contracted some form of the flu, rendering our actions lethargic and pained for a week. Coupled with our patient expectation of our replacement engine parts has given us a slow week, interspersed with some mediocre sessions at Taapuna, and I have been using the cruising time to dabble into plunking one of the boats guitars. Although the close quarters of boat living doesn’t promote the best environment for novice musicians to experiment, there’s plenty of solitary moments to sacrifice the serenity of a sunset where I have anchor watch and the boat to myself to make an audio disaster and turn a otherwise mellow day into a little learning experience. The staggered acquisition of small snippets of a new skill have helped me retain my sanity as all of us with an abundance of energy and a regular caffeine induction will agree that keeping the mind busy over an ailing week keeps the voices in the head muffled. Similarly to this end, I am piecing together my first attempt at a novel. This work has been progressing in segments over the previous months dictated by the availability of electricity, and while we have been at the dock with an abundance of power it has been interesting arranging the aforementioned internal voices into sentences and paragraphs.

I'm learning the guitar

As soon as DHL delivers our eagerly awaited parts, and sailing gods willing, we shall be moving off to investigate the waiting secrets of the remaining Society Islands. Apologies for the lack of manic adrenaline dripping content to this recent update, but as we all know, at times cruising is exactly that, and soon we shall have new waves, horizons and tales to share. Till then, Peace – Diz

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  • 1 Charles Logue // Feb 27, 2009 at 12:32 pm

    Hey Dizzy, Thank for your the update. Always enjoyable and I encourage you to keep on writing that novel. Placing thoughts and observations on paper is one of man’s highest callings. That guitar you are strumming looks very familiar. No wonder I haven’t been able to find it. Good luck with the plucking. Best Regards to all of you and I do hope the DHL packages arrive today, or tomorrow at the latest. Charles

  • 2 Ben // Feb 27, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    I can tell by the pic of u playing the “Brown Note” guitar that your chords scared everyone off the dock… can u play a song yet? keep strummin

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