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My Natty M Experience

January 17th, 2009 · 15 Comments

By Tina

This is me


Blue eyed, hardly ever stepped foot on a boat before, I arrived to join the “Natty M” boys one early September morning in the Marquesas. One backpack short, heart fluttering and with all my sense of adventure, Kyber met me with a flower and a big smile at Atuona airport, Nuka Hiva, Marquesas and so this grand journey began.

Living with 4 salty seamen (now sadly reduced to 3, you are missed Ben!) is awesome. It seems like anything that pops in to their heads is said and done. They fart and burp heartily which always makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. They do dorky, weird stuff all the time and make me laugh, tell me stories and let me in on some of the mysterious ways of being a boy. They toughen me up, teach me new things and make me do things I never thought I’d ever dare do.


The boys have all taken me surfing, or at least tried to as I sometimes just end up eating shit. Kyber taught me to surf behind the dinghy and attempted to teach me how to kite. Kiting might not be for me, as I was a disaster, but surfing is pretty much the most fun I can have here with all my clothes on. It is tremendously amazingly fun and I can see why it is just about the only thing the guys want to do. Unfortunately for my inexperienced self, most the waves here seem as big as mountains or the reef threatens to drag me over sharp rocks and coral. Still, some passes are sometimes surfable for me and I go out every chance I get and do my best. The guys point out the place to be and tell me to get over my girly ways and go for it. They laugh when I fall and are maybe stoked as I am when I get one and it makes me feel safer knowing they aren’t too far away.


I have also tried my hand at spear fishing with a Hawaiian sling, amongst the beautiful coral in the Tuamotus. The sea is so full of life; there are stunningly colored fish everywhere you look, frisky little fish that nibble your legs, more sharks than I liked, dolphins and whales frolicking about with their young, the occasional turtle, moray eels, crabs and octopuses. My hunting skills however are not the best and I felt bad for trying to assassinate poor tiny fish for fun and stuck to snorkeling and watching the other guys hunt and provide us fresh fish instead.


Snorkeling about and swimming with sharks was something I never in a million years thought I would do or ever wanted to. The first shark I saw terrified me nearly to death. Kyber was telling me to be confident and act like I was in charge, not let it be known that I was frightened and that these sharkies are only reef sharks and they are mostly mellow. Easy for him to say, when in my mind a killing machine is circling around us, with his (or her) yellow catlike eye fixed on us. I was probably doing a poor job of hiding my fear and oozing terror. At least Kyber was there to hold my hand, hide behind and keep me from fainting until the thing lost interest and swam away. However after a few days and no attacks I realized that he was right, my fear faded away and I was able to enjoy myself around the big carnivorous fish. At one point I even thought the smaller baby ones were cute.


Life on board the Natural Mystic is pretty tranquil. There is nowhere we need to be or anything we have to do. Our next destination unknown, the wind blowing us and following the surf. Sleeping in, hanging out and having fun, life seems pretty excellent right now.


My bikini covered butt looks white as snow these days after tanning for a couple of months and it is hard to believe I was almost that pale when I arrived. I have read a handful of books, filled a drawing-book with this and that and pondered about the mysteries of life, the universe and everything. I have also discovered the baker in me and I now know how to make a wicked loaf of bread.

Tina's-Puffin-Web.jpg =

Sometimes I miss the company of other girls. The guys are great fun and all, but girls understand you, when guys just think you are being unreasonable and silly. For about a week now we have had the pleasure of having Jill on board, a magnificent chick we met on the dock when her yacht was our neighbor. She escaped the tyranny of her mega yacht and was welcomed with open arms on ours, where she could relax and enjoy herself, as one should when you are in paradise. Sadly she had to go back home, leaving Kahlil and myself to mope about the boat a little bit. I had so much fun with you Jill and I miss you!


My birthday came around this time of year and I turned 24. The day was celebrated at the spa where Kyber got me a couples hot rock massage treatment, one of the best birthday presents of all time, and later that evening on the boat, where Jill made a first class super tasty dinner and Dizzy whipped up yummy drinks. The night sky was covered in stars and we lay as a human maze on the trampoline, everybody with their own date, snuggling and enjoying the sweet and simple pleasures of life.


The day after was equally incredible, as one of my childhood dreams came true and I got to swim with dolphins! It was mind-bottling and fantastic, wondrous, superb, there are really no words to describe how wonderful it was. Jill and I got to hug and snuggle the dolphin and kiss it on the chin. The little buddy, who in fact was bigger than I thought, also swam with us under water as we held on to the dorsal fin with one hand and wrapped our other one around his belly and snuggled close. It feels like a dream now and it still makes me smile just thinking about it.


Celebrating Christmas and New Year without snow, cold weather and a warm fireplace was not a first for me, still I don’t seem to get used to it and it feels a little strange. My snowboard was traded for my surfboard, cold for warm, but my family and friends are still in my heart, as they always are and I think about you guys a lot. I miss every one of you and I hope you all are well, healthy, happy and safe.

Being so far away from home is not always easy. I get homesick from time to time and miss everybody terribly. We all do. But, I feel like we are a little family of our own cruising around the ocean together. I know the guys are there for me if I need to talk or cry just as I am there for them if they need it. When Dizzy throws nasty stuff at me and makes me run away screaming he will always say he misses his sister. I guess he used to torment her, and now he finds it highly amusing to do the same to me. He and Kahlil both feel like my brothers, and I hope your guy’s biological siblings don’t mind sharing them a little bit with me.


As for Kyber, I love hanging out with him and I think he is the cutest boy in the whole world right now. He managed to steal my heart away and I hope it will be safe in his hands.


Only time will tell what the future holds in store for any of us and in the mean time I will laugh, play and have as much fun as possible.


I hope you all do the same and that you have a wonderful day!

To Sandor:

When we were in Haapiti for New Year I hung out on the inside and tried to catch the waves. I got my sinuses rinsed out, paddled until my arms turned into mush, pearled once or twice, caught some and managed to get up too! It was great! There is no picture proof of me actually standing up, so here is one where I am just sitting, chillaxing and trying to look cute. We all miss you and hope that you will come and visit us again soon! Moorea is not the same without you and Jamie.


Ps: I named my board Shawn Door, Mr. Door for short, and our lovely painting from your sweethearts still decorates our wall.


Lots of love, Tina

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  • 1 Jamie // Jan 17, 2009 at 8:10 pm

    Great post sweatheart! You are truely a treasure yourself. Kyber is a lucky man right now. I hope I can meet up with you guys again…as you know a lot of people are in financial turmoil right now. Corporations are folding, thousands of lost jobs, savings and retirement accounts vanished, etc…etc.. Its so great you guys can skip the turmoil here in the homeland. I hope I can afford to fly somewhere, someday to see you all again. For now, my your adventure continue and your respect for one another and mother nature flourish. Tu amor…Jamie

  • 2 Jamie // Jan 17, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    oh…I forgot… .. happy Birthday sweatheart! Make Kyber give you an hour massage…you deserve it! JD

  • 3 Charles Logue // Jan 18, 2009 at 1:46 am

    Hi Tina I love your audacity and your spirit of adventure. It shows real character! You are no sissy and I love and respect that. So many people are afraid of their own shadow and try to live a riskless life, always erring on the side of caution. How boring! Your life is to be lived and you are doing just that. So Horray for you and I look forward to eating some of your homemade bread and sharing a wave or two. Take care of Kyber! Fond Regards to you and your shipmates, Charles

  • 4 Ben // Jan 18, 2009 at 1:01 pm

    Ti-Na … Ti Na Na,
    aaaahhhh I miss you to and all the estrogen you bring to the Natty M. I’m glad you found the pure bliss the aqua-dump or “water birth” brings. I’m sure you’re scarred for life after all of Dizzy’s and our molestation.
    The dolphin ride looked fun. Your brain must still be surging w/ endorphins from that “mind bottling” experience!!! (I always thought you were open minded) Anyway, watch out for the randi dolphins, they can be worse than Kyber after 7 shots of rum. I know a girl in Santa Barbara that got ravaged by a horny dolphin and she’s still in counseling 8 years later.
    Kyber… bro what’s the deal? It looks like you’re embracing you’re inner transvestite with the toe polish.. WOW Tina’s estrogen must’ve got you to turn to the pink side. You were always a little girly w/ the cooking and the cat but… damn. I’m glad I escaped when I did.
    Wadup Kalizzy? Swab the deck, polish the stantions and quit surfing… there’s enough kooks in the water!!!! JK
    Take care and make sure Dom doesn’t take more lame photos… I’ve seen enough

  • 5 Lara // Jan 18, 2009 at 4:43 pm

    Hi Tina!

    Welcome to life with a Logue!!! One of Travis’ first “tests” for me was our Scuba Certification just a few months after we met. I thought I’d only have to scuba for one weekend, prove my “toughness”, show my less girly side and that would be it… Fast forward three years to our honeymoon in Bora Bora and guess what was on the itinerary?!? Scuba Diving with Mama Lemon Sharks! 10 ft long – HUGE – and, according to experts, only aggressive if near their young. I guess that was supposed to make me feel better but it was still a little frightening nonetheless. I held onto Travis’ hand the entire time and tried to not empty my oxygen tank in a mere five minutes. We survived and enjoyed a week filled with snorkeling, jet skis, 4X4 tours and other adventures. As you’ve already discovered, life is never boring with a Logue. I’m so jealous about your time with the dolphins. If only I wasn’t going to give birth to Baby Kyla in two months we’d definitely join you for a little vacation! Take care and stay girly amongst the flying food, flatulence, and four men living around you.



  • 6 Kirsty // Jan 18, 2009 at 11:41 pm

    Hey Tina,

    Looks like you are having an enviously amazing time.

    For the record, Diz was very good at sibling-torture, particularly cos he mastered the art of fake crying early on so he could feign my so-called infliction of pain when on other sides of the room/house. To observe this is to witness one of the greatest performance artists of our times immersed in his pet performance.

    A trusty method that has never let me down – which I happily entrust to you and in the name of oestrogen, encourage you to try – is to pull Diz’s individual leg hairs. The earlier this is done in the morning and if sitting upon said-brother, the better.

    May the force be with you,


  • 7 Sunniva // Jan 19, 2009 at 5:55 am

    hei tina min!

    well it was about time this page got some input from you! jeg elsket det! skikkelig bra skrevet 😉 du er bare så søt altså! jeg humret godt for meg selv her når jeg så det første bildet og “this is me”. simply genious. det var så jævlig deg også. jeg klarer ikke la være å smile hver gang jeg ser det. kunne ikke vært en bedre innledning!

    keep up the fantastic blog!

    love you always

  • 8 kyber // Jan 19, 2009 at 2:21 pm

    Its no big surprise that its Dizzy’s colorful toenails in the Photo, Kahlil joined him with his inner gay side celebration too, I staid out of that one, I don’t care how much I like Tina she wasn’t talking me into painting my toenails bright pink. Both were furiously trying to remove the fanciful color with acetone before a surf session, so they wouldn’t get their asses kicked some more by the big tattooed Tahitian locals.

  • 9 Randi // Jan 20, 2009 at 7:05 pm

    Kjære Tina-vakre. Of course I loved your blog. Pictures of you guys warm our frozen body’s up here in the north. You are living my dream and I am so happy to follow you on a computer…. The picture of you and the dolphin is already in the housejournal. It brightens up the whole room with that page open. We are off to Paris tom. for the furniture fair. Bibi is coming back from Japan on friday, so for a couple of days there Sunna will be the only one in the country… Remember her 20th birtday on sunday !
    Thanks to Kyber and Kahlil and Dizzy and everybody on the blog, I love reading everything. And Kybers father, Charles, sounds like such a wise man. My hungry heart swallows it all. Happy sailing, I am with you in spirit, always. Big, warm bearhugs from you ever loving mother.

  • 10 Henriette // Jan 22, 2009 at 10:12 pm

    Greatly enjoyed all the blog updates, photos and video! Thanks so much.

  • 11 Henriette // Jan 22, 2009 at 10:13 pm

    Wishing you all the best on the next leg of your amazing adventure.

  • 12 sabork // Jan 28, 2009 at 1:54 am

    Woohoo girl! First off…Happy Birthday!!I wish I was there to celebrate and pound some rum with you. I am soooo stoked for you. I remember how excited you got when we were visited by those dolphins in Moorea…I can only imagine how happy you must have been riding one. Ben was right…..beware of horny dolphins. Then again, you sleeep with Kyber. I’m glad to see you are using that board I left you. Mr. Door huh? I like it. Maybe you should try surfing naked so you can tan that white butt of yours. Bread is it? If it tastes half as good as your crepes I’m sure the boys are drooling over it. It’s about time someone went head to head with the French bagette. I made some of your famous Tina mashed potatoes last week for my girls. We piled them on top of the filet mignon I grilled then topped it with sauted mushrooms and “WAALAA”….the carne-combo. Big hit!I am very happy for you and Kyber and as always jealous as hell that you guys are lollygagging around Polynesia laughing, loving and truly enjoying everything life has to offer. Life is equally bitchin for me as well though I can’t wait to pack my kite gear and gold bond and visit my best friends once again aboard the Natty-M. Don’t take any shit from Kahlil or Dizzy, take care of my brother Kyber, keep on surfing! Be drunk and eat merry! Sandor

  • 13 Bibi // Jan 28, 2009 at 11:24 am

    hi my sweets,

    I miss you my dear! hjertet mitt gråter litt hver gang jeg tenker på at du er så langt borte. men så hjelper det masse å lese bloggen din om og om og om igjen. føler meg nesten like stalkerish som på våre gamle dager. sunna er 20, vi er gamle og jeg har snart ikke sett deg på et år! livet er snodig. jeg savner deg sårt og jeg er ikke den eneste! tusen takk for at du oppdaterer oss på bloggen.
    masse nuss og klem fra en som er super glad i deg!

  • 14 arild / pappen // Jan 30, 2009 at 1:39 pm

    Hi daughter,

    Have you learned ??? I saw pictures of your leg…

    Moral states: When surfing – always where norwegian rubber boots and carry bandaid in your bikini…….
    then you will always survive

    Norwegian: ( just to keep the rest of you curious)

    Haaper det gikk bra, og at du ikke faar noen betennelse i saarene. Se om du kan faa tak i litt jod, eller saarsalve aa smøre labbene med. Litt spenol hjelper jo alltid naar baby’ en har fatt vondt.

    all the best – I MISS YOU, hopefully we will see you soon…


  • 15 Jamie // Aug 9, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    what day is it?? oh its 8-09-10.

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