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A “Natty M” New Year

January 8th, 2009 · 13 Comments

Her reef scratched rudder is repaired, a new rain proof tarp/awning keeps us and the back seating area dry during torrential tropical downpours, a custom crafted sun shade/awning can cover the foredeck trampolines if we desire refreshing shade, the freezer is frozen again, all the ships lights have been switched to energy efficient LEDs, our bowsprit stays shortened and respliced to get more headstay tension on the screecher, Windyspins (our wind generator) lubed up, oils changed, every surfboard ding fixed (that didn’t last too long), 70 meters or 210 feet of shiny, new 12mm anchor chain, attached to a new 10 pound heavier and better setting 30Kg Brugel anchor (a German made anchor the best I have ever used, in sand it resets in place when winds shift 180?), a new mast gooseneck Delrin washer machined for the boom, the mast track and mainsail cars fixed, and countless nuts, bolts and rivets redone and relubed…. It was magical for both of us, as Tina had never had a professional massage, nor a real shower since setting foot aboard “Natty M” four months ago, and I think the last time I enjoyed a real shower was back in Santa Barbara when I last visited, 10 months ago. I don’t know about you, but I have been to my share of spas in nice hotels around the world, as I like massages for my active body, but never as a couple and I have to say, spas are way better and super fun when you go with you girlfriend or significant other and pamper yourselves together.

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