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November 21st, 2008 · 3 Comments

 I’m having Natural Mystic withdrawals and I’ve only been off the boat for 5 days. I flew out of Tahiti back to LA and was greeted by ash falling from the sky. The usual lung-clogging smog combined with the remnants of thousands of burnt acres triggering allergies that turned my nose into a faucet. After reluctantly leaving the cleanest air in the world, I’m now slowly acclimating to the urban warzone after being a salty pirate for over a year.

So now I begin the monumental task of editing a years worth of HDV footage down. I am currently in Santa Barbara writing articles and submitting photos to sailing, and kiteboarding magazines so that I can further spread the MysticSail creed.

Here’s a page from my journal that I wrote in the Marquesas.  –Ben

  … Basking in the starry aura in the majestic isles of Polynesia. Mother Nature’s fanatical wizardry displayed at night through millions of explosive stars captivates the imagination. Never has my subconscious dreams imagined a place of such surreal splendor. The epitome of beauty. Only slight blemishes from the influence of “civilized” culture are visible.

  Here we hone our survival instincts.  By day we trek into the jungle wielding machetes in search of nutritious fruits that we extract from these bountiful lands.  Nocturnally we don spears and torches and immerse ourselves into the dark waters in search of protein. Gliding through the black sea, we see only what the flashlights illuminate.  Clouds of churning shrimp, fish, eels and there’s so much more we don’t see.  We usually call it a night when we’ve collected enough squirrel fish on the end of our spears to feed our floating frat of frothers…

 This crazy blowhole cave was intense. After swimming inside we felt incredible pressure changes when the waves would come. We would hold on to the rocks and let the spray exfoliate our skin.

Here’s our favorite anchorage, Hane Moe Noa: 

The local cash crop and Diz sampling the nectar:


Vaitahu- Tatoo artists and the boat we see everywhere; Amazing:

We have to keep P-Kiddy and his friend Trinket fed:

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  • 1 Charles Logue // Nov 22, 2008 at 11:40 pm

    Hi Ben Thanks for the phone call and the excellent post and photos. Yes, the air quality is not the same back here on the mainland. After my recent five weeks on the N. Shore, I too noticed a real difference. I do look forward to viewing the two or three minutes of footage you intend to assemble. I am so glad you returned in good health and had the most remarkable year of your life. It is a permanent cerebral tattoo that you will be able to draw pleasure from for the rest of your life. Let me know when I may take you to breakfast or lunch. Best Regards, Charles

  • 2 Jamie // Nov 23, 2008 at 12:47 am

    Benny boy…welcome back to the rat race! Cali is burning up and the ecomomy stinks…..dont linger too long in this waste land…get back ASAP to paradise. I wish I could go back ….have to work and pay the bills for my 3 other family members. Give me a call and we can lunch down at the marina….448-9440….see u soon. Jamie

  • 3 Ben // Nov 25, 2008 at 1:19 pm

    Thanx for the warm welcome Charles and Jamie. My time in SB was too brief and I plan to make it back there as soon as possible. I’m in Nashville now relishing my time with my family. I’ll begin writing a post to accompany the photos from the Tuamotu’s so stay tuned.

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