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July 24th, 2008 · 12 Comments

The authorities gave us twenty days to live it out here and we have been here for twenty-three days now, but because we paid a little extra and used an agent to clear into the country, who happens to be great friends with the Port Captain, it was no problem to extend our stay a for little extra time while we wait for some necessary engine parts to be “fabricated” and who knows just how long that will take…. We can’t explore the islands on the “Natural Mystic” as they have limited the number of anchorages you can visit to, two and even then you can’t go from one to the other, you are required to stay where you first clear in. This is both to cut down on yachts disturbing wildlife, polluting pristine anchorages and also serves their economy quite well, as you have to use local tourist boats to tour the islands, thus creating full employment for all the locals.

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