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Escape from Bocas Del Toro

May 27th, 2008 · 12 Comments

Kahlil-Papya.jpgA sacrifice has been made and the Cougar attacks have stopped. They seemed to find the handlebar moustache of our First Mate Mullet Hawk irresistible. We figure it had to be producing massive amounts of the Latin version of MoJo, which is Mucho Macho. We had to do something and with the swipe of a razor Mullet Hawk was reduced back to Kahlil and the mysterious forces that drove the Cougars into a frenzy has ended, we hope for good. Kahlil is back to looking his old, young self and with any luck he will attract some girls closer to his age, but hopefully not his income status. Kahlil-Sans-Moustache.jpg

Bocas Del Toro has truly been a blast, the waves came to an end, but the nightlife never stops here. Luckily it looks like our date to transit the Panama Canal is May 31, 2008 and we will have to be going. Leaving Bocas Del Toro and the island that never sleeps for some much needed R and R. We think our bodies will thank us for getting back to a normal sleep routine, as many a night was spent dancing the night away to the Latin/Reggae rhythms and partaking in a round of Jaeger Bombs or two. Jager-Bombs.jpg

As always, partying is filled with highs and lows. Sometimes all in one night…Like, playing aerial PK Soccer, where you jump off the roof top diving board, someone throws you the ball trying to kick it out of the air, to score through the swing set goal while bikini clad goalies swing away putting up solid D. Super fun, but then retrieving the ball from a shank you brush an underwater piling covered with razor sharp barnacles and are instantly covered in blood (cause of bleeding in photo from previous post). Then like, taking your dingy from bar to bar, leaving it at the public dingy dock and coming back to it and its gone. We figured it stolen, Kahlil and myself super bummed out, bordering on instant depression, as it has been our ticket to fake surfing and exercise lately. So, we moped on looking for it maybe somewhere else and way up the island there it was right were we locked it up, at an identical looking public dingy dock, much further away then we thought, we were super happy again and I guess time just flies when your having fun. dingy-tow.jpgThen like, partying at aqua, everyone having a good time, just taking over the dance floor and we all decide to go back to the Natty M for the after hours party with our crew which has lately included the Canadians of Ryan, Davis and Maggie of Fidelity, who have their own dingy. We all go to leave and some ass hole (pardon my French) stole their gas tank, fuel line and that of every other dingy on the dock besides the Red Rocket (we lock it up, hot tip!), that sucks! So, once again we give them a tow back, but stop at the Natty M on the way back for more fun dancing and who cares about the little things anyway when your having a great time. Aproaching-Rain.jpg

It has been raining a little bit lately or a lot as waves of sheet rain just role off the mainland soaking us to the bone. This is a good thing though as we have been at anchor for a good couple of weeks now and our temperamental water maker decided to throw a fit and stop working. So, we rigged up some plastic between our jib sheets and on our tramp to divert the rain water directly into our tanks and its been keeping us filled up with the best tasting cloud juice ever. Fruit-Man.jpg

The rain is also good for all the farmers in the region as they stop by your boat in the mornings and sell you their latest harvest. Men in hand carved dugouts bring Pinas for $1 each, 20 limes for a buck, bananas and plantains for pennies, starfruit, and kama kama seed pods (delicious and weird, they are in the middle of the canoe). We eagerly snatch these up which we whip into the best fresh fruit smoothies in the mornings complete with local bee pollen for an added health kick. Buying-Fruit.jpg fresh-juice.jpg Slicing-Pina.jpg

If everything goes as planed we should set sail tomorrow afternoon and head back out the way we came, back to Colon and Shelter Bay Marina. We will see how this goes, as there is a moderate storm forecast to come across the mainland from the Pacific Ocean and right over us. Hopefully this should bring some wind to the region, as there is basically none typically and save us some gas money. The winds are forecast to be 20 to 30 knots on our beam, which is quite favorable and could make for a quick trip, but we know how wrong forecasts have been in the past and are in no rush to get beaten up. So we will try to keep you updated and promise to sail safe. Cheers – Kyber

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  • 1 kyber // May 27, 2008 at 11:57 pm

    Lakers Rule. Brent Berry Sucks!!!

  • 2 Trav // May 29, 2008 at 12:49 pm

    Hopefully we close it out tonight @ home!

    I am currently flying my Lakers flag from my truck, you should have one for your boat too.

  • 3 Dave // May 29, 2008 at 3:43 pm

    As a member of the Santa Barbara community, I felt it necessary to express my feelings and opinions on this so called “journey” of yours. I have to say this website is very demeaning and makes me sick to my stomach. I feel sorry for your friends and family that have to sit back and watch you waste your life away with all this partying and nonsense- your poor parents.

    It’s even worse how you never mention the fact that you left town with a girlfriend attached- Girlfriend? is a question I have continually wondered. And it is evident from these posts where your lifestyle of heavy partying leads you… I hope the girls you’ve hurt in your life aren’t too heartbroken over your immature actions and find a way to move on.

    Sit back and realize the pain you may have caused the people in your lives. I think it’s time you start to realize you aren’t the only person in this world and start to actually grow up.

  • 4 Charles Logue // May 30, 2008 at 2:55 pm

    Great news on your transit date. Hopefully hurricane Alma has only a minor influence on your passage to canal. Loved the picture of the fruit vendor in his boat along side yours and then the photos of you guys preparing some delicious looking treats. Hopefully you have a few exterior photos of the bars, night spots and restaurants where good times were had. Their names are always intriguing and interesting and they could be part of a recommend list of winners and loosers. Keep documenting all aspects of your adventure, love to you all.

  • 5 Vanessa Cuozzo // May 30, 2008 at 3:51 pm

    So I am back here in Boston sitting at my desk reading your blog… super jealous! I promised you I would post something. You guys are awesome and we are all the better for having the opportunity to party with you. I have some fabulous pics which I will send you when I can finally get a sec to load them. Ali and I were at the canal on the 28th and looked for you… Natural Mystic was no where to be seen. Good luck on your passage through and safe travels going forward! Let me know if you need any impromptu grammatical/spelling assistance. :)

    ps – when is the mullet-hawk getting chopped? K looks pretty bummed!

  • 6 Jamie // May 30, 2008 at 8:52 pm

    wow…whos Dave??? For one thing Kyber may never grow up,,,thats a 89.9% fact, and another thing , he tried to make his relationship work and this trip was his 1st priority, so consequently, it didnt work out. Which is probably for the better at this point in time in his life. And finally, if this blog makes you sick, then dont read it! Thats all I have to say ’bout that! your friend,Forest Gump

  • 7 Dave Salgado // May 31, 2008 at 9:52 am

    Well it certainly unfortunate that some people put their own insecurities and inadequacies in the form of a blog post.

    Knowing his parents, I can say they are proud and concerned at the same time but not so much as you describe Dave, but hoping this adventure will be safe throughout, its journey.

    If it is true love it will come back again, when you are young it’s OK.

    Lighten up and GO LAKERS!

  • 8 Mary Richards // May 31, 2008 at 2:44 pm

    Dave who ever you are? Please rest assured that Robyn is doing just fine. I believe things happen for a reason and time heals. We all wish Kyber and crew nothing but the best and look forward to his safe and healthy return.

    Kyber, Good luck on your canal passage. We did it as a family on a repositioning ship in 96.
    Best of Luck~ Mary (girlfriends parental figure)

  • 9 Sarah Schaefer // Jun 1, 2008 at 4:52 pm

    I think by now you guys should be through the canal and I must say I am really jealous! That is a dream of mine and I cant wait to read about your experience…
    We had so much fun with all of you in Bocas and our trip wouldn’t have been the same without you guys!
    I look forward to following you travels through the pacific…Good luck and safe travels!

  • 10 Karine // Jun 29, 2008 at 12:38 am

    Hey guys!
    Just want to say hi, we met in Boca del Toro on your last night with my friend Bambam… I’m now back in Canada getting ready to start my residency in family medicine… it’s nice to read your adventures from here. It keeps me dreaming…
    Take care,
    Karine xxx

  • 11 Paolo // Jul 3, 2008 at 12:49 am

    Listen to Dr. Laura, Dave. She has what you need.

    Onya Keebler! You will never regret chasing your dream. I sacrificed a lot to follow mine, and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Most of us will never sit around talking in old age about that time we played it safe and avoided risk.

  • 12 Chuck Menzel // Jul 18, 2008 at 2:48 pm

    Kyber, spoke to your dad. Friend from years back. Wetsand hosts Liz Clarks blogs. Would you be interested in us posting your blogs on Wetsand? We would just need to know when you update so we can post on our site. Let me know.

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