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Blitzkrieg Antigua

April 25th, 2008 · 3 Comments

Blitzkrieg Antigua. Where am I? Why is my mouth all dry and a funny tummy nags me from below, must be symptoms of the Natty M’s first night in Antigua. Vague memories of extreme dance-floor offensives, the boys were on fire.

Good lord I’m a happy man on this boat. Natural Mistake breezed in and whisked me away on a sea of ridiculous shenanigans. Late night skurfing, surfing, skating hurricane ravaged wrecks, general fruitiness. This is a dedication to the pursuit of creative adventure, exploring the world as a giant playground where every scrap of earth is a toy waiting to be utilised. And to top it all off we document it all thoroughly, making sure every step taken is remembered and held up in the public arena as an exemplary way of using life.

Big ups to all the people that are an integral part of the positive nature of this endeavor. Kyber, Ben, Dizzy, Nomes, the Chippewa banana munchers. The varied qualities that we all bring are the formula our success.

Might I add that the Nurtured Mustard is a fantastic sailing vessel. For my magnum opus as First Mate I have landed on a fantastic cat that sails better than anything I have ever known. So fast, so smooth, so easy. I can safely say I am a bona fide convert to the church of multihills. On my first sail aboard I exclaimed in disbelief as I cooked a fine set meal whilst honking along at a solid nine knots hard beating at just 30 degrees off the wind. The whole change in attitude toward light, fast sailing whilst carrying just the essentials and hurfing the rest is a refreshing change.

Our new words to live by, forming some brand of mission statement in synonymistic form, are as follows: frothing, amping, percolating, chomping at the bit, pogo sticking (always said whist bouncing up and down). Frothing is central to our existence. We frothers deep in the froth are frothing over. Amen.

Perhaps I should introduce myself, for those of us who are not familiar. I am a kiwi, a berloody New Zealander mate, hailing from the south Pacific, Aoteroa. One-time test tube pusher and genetic engineer who lost his way and finds himself halfway across the globe bouncing from country to country borne where the winds take me. In this life I am free to cultivate my handle-bar mustache and mullet combination until no female is safe, at the mere sight of such wondrous style ladies swoon and lose all sense of public decency, throwing themselves at my feet in supplication.

Big ups to family and friends wherever you may be. Love to you all


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  • 1 Kahlil's mum // May 7, 2008 at 7:14 pm

    Go Kahl!

    Love these words.

    Write often

  • 2 Kahlil // May 10, 2008 at 4:09 pm

    Thanks mum

  • 3 Ian // May 12, 2008 at 11:28 am

    Go for it, buddy! Sounds like a great adventure. Ye Mam passed on your website.

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