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Frothing, Amping, Chomping at the Bit and Percolating

April 15th, 2008 · No Comments

These are all adjectives to describe the general atmosphere aboard the Natural Mystic lately.


So much has gone down in the last three weeks, it’s easy to lose track of it all. When Kyber left me for two weeks, I made the most of it. Many a good nights started at Palapa Bay on the docks of the Soggy Doller. drunkcrossing.jpg With options like Bliss, Bamboo Bernies, Pinapple Petes, Lady C, Kon Tiki and Golden Eyes, it’s easy to find something fun to do every night. dancefloor_fromrailing.jpg Some highlights were dancing on the railing at Bliss to the sounds of DJ-Overrated, (Bob Sinclar) with team Chippewa the rest of the island. railing_dancin.jpg giggles.jpg smokedout.jpg bermude.jpg Wednesday nights raged at Bamboo Bernies especially when the Bitter End crew was in town. I seemed like I was racing the sunrise on my way back to the boat a few times. gallion_sunset.jpg

During the days, I would take the bike for a ride to Mullet Bay for some therapeutic R&R.mullet_pano.jpg

Once Kyber had dealt with his business in SB, he returned to rescue me from my downward spiral. We had a whole slew of chores to do on the boat, but when the swell picked up we had no qualms dropping everything to go play.


One of the first times we got to spend with our new mate Kahlil, was a day cruising “La Vache” to various surf spots. cow_car.jpg We got there and had the whole place to ourselves for the better part of the day.froussards_wide.jpg froussards_lawless.jpg froussard_ky_finless.jpg

The following week we rallied the crew together for a wild adventure to another not-so-popular break.wilderness_crew.jpg wilderness_panoheader.jpg

dizzy_nearbarrl.jpg kal_bs.jpg kal_vert.jpg ky_twigs.jpg

Now we’re frothing to leave for Panama, it seems like our time in “the Vegas of the Caribbean” is dwindling.


Stay tuned…


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