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Welcome to the Land of Mega Yachts….Crazy St. Martin

March 14th, 2008 · 12 Comments

Well after leaving the Bitter End of Virgin Gorda, and wishing farewell to all our friends we made it to St. Marten. We Shoved off the dock at 9pm sharp with Ben, Mystic and Myself. The Local VG kid was amassed as we powered through a half moon filled night and headed into a squall, right off bat. Nothing to worry about the wind only picked up a little, rained good and soon we were through it and putting up full sails. We headed just below rum line, beating up wind in a perfect 12 knots. Silently we made a brisk 8 knots towards our destination 85 miles away and everyone was once again awestruck at the beauty of the night and sea combined. Stars every where, moonbeams dancing off the waves and plankton exploding off the wake of the hull in a hue of bright orange red, not the ordinary green.

We sailed through the night for about 5 wondrous hours and then as the wind shifted more and more unfavorably we opted to take down the sails and power the last couple of hours into port, arriving just before 8 am. Customs was a breeze and as we went through the bridge I was absolutely astounded at the number of mega yachts there were every where. This place is on another planet. I have never in my life seen such an amassing of wealthy exuberance. Everywhere you look the biggest, shiniest sailboats sit sparkling in the Caribbean sun, and row after row of mega yachts you can barley even dream of stare at you.

But the result is a definite hustle and bustle that we have not felt for a long time, people seem busy and too into what they are doing to say hi, a McDonnell’s greeted us as the first building we saw out of the Customs office, and life seems hectic. Completely in contrast to the BVI that lie just 85 miles to the west. But you do have the services and repair facilities to fix any of your problems and the marine stores here blow any West Marine away. So, with getting some boat work done and saying hi to old friends we last saw in the BVI were off to more adventure and fun this evening, that is unless I just pass out as I haven’t slept for well over a day now.

I would also like to say thanks to everyone who made the BVI so special and wonderful a place. I feel like I was treated so well there, like we were all part of a family, a great big BVI family. Thanks to everyone at the Yacht Shots offices (get your pictures taken by them while cruising, located in Nanny Cay and the Bitter End) you guys all rock……Gem your wonderful thanks for showing us everything we would have never seen any other way, Guy your an inspiration and feel like I could just soak up all your knowledge and wisdom forever, Brinley and Collin happy wedding days ahead, you too Fee and Bob, back to Dom and Barbs da VG Office, special thanks to BJ and all our Nanny Cay hommies, big ups and mad respect to my man Kyle your da man. And how can we forget Potti always rockin, Jean I love your Irish accent, JP and his shinnanigans, Odell, Leanne and JP always a fun time and respect to the whole South African Crew, Tom, Heath, Steve. Respect to my BVI rugby boys, Undefeated! Big ups, your my team boys keep kicking ass and sticking it to em and Chappy score many more. Mark and Magi keep serving those Bushwakers at Mulligans and the best hangover burgers ever. All the Bitter End Boys and Girls, the place is awesome, Dom, Drew, Scotty, Jiles, Sebastain, Meredith, Tony, keep up all the good work at the pub. And how could we forget Jeff, the man is the most stoked kiter I know, I envy him and his passion, and thanks for the hook up, respect. Thanks to Mystic for setting sail with us, a super huge help and lots of fun, an how could I forget Al, the dude rips at kiting and I think I learned a new trick or two and shared the stoke, YEA!!!!!!! You guys all rock, the BVI’s Rock, much love, respect and thanks to you all and I’m sure I missed some people I should have thanked like, Tony and Magic for their great fiberglass work, look him up if you fuck your boat up, Tony in Nanny Cay. So thanks BVI and everyone, I know I’ll be back I miss it already.

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  • 1 Charles // Mar 14, 2008 at 11:51 pm

    Hey,so glad you had such a wonderful sail to your upscale repair port. Sounded like a beautiful time on the water. Your thanks and expression of appreciation to your many friends was certainly heart felt and very, very nice. It is truly marvelous how we all touch and affect the lives of other human beings. We go but briefly on this Planet, so sharing in joy with others is of the highest calling. Don’t let those Mega Yachts intimidate you. In themselves they are nothing but various commodities assembled into a seaworthy shape. It is the people on board that count. Their attitudes, their values and their judgement count more than the fanciest hull and paint job. Wishing I knew how to sail, Chalres

  • 2 sabork // Mar 15, 2008 at 5:15 pm

    Glad you guys made it to ST.Maartin with no problems, I’m sure you’re sad to leave the BVI’s…I know I was and I wasn’t even close to being as connected to thee people and places as you were. Just remember….”A picture is worth a thousand words, but being there is worth a thousand pictures”. Happy times ahead for sure for my bros on the Nasty M. Looking forward to more good pics and stories in the land of pirates. Will visit sooner than later…time flies when your having rum. Buenos Suertes amigos, Sandor

  • 3 MaTT // Mar 15, 2008 at 8:49 pm

    hope to see you guys soon :-)

    MaTT (+599) 5811863

  • 4 Jamie // Mar 15, 2008 at 9:11 pm

    Its all american decadence…its world wide, no escaping it. Just live it up and bail when you burn out on the weathly bullshit. You can pirate a mega yacht and raid the ice box!! King harbor style! The wind gods have been good here…3 hour sesh at our beach on 9s and SC lane today! Spring has arrived with a bang! Mammoth is getting more snow as well….hitting it next week for my 3rd trip!! Multi sports baby! You guys stay well and may the winds fill your sails and kites!! easy! JD

  • 5 cynthia // Mar 16, 2008 at 12:48 am

    sounds like an amazing and incredible adventure….checking in….love this blog! we miss you.

  • 6 Travis // Mar 16, 2008 at 8:03 pm

    Yo guys, i check your site every couple days and always love the updates. It sounds like your time in the BVIs was awesome. I look forward to hearing about your future adventures in St. Marten. Kyb, i surfed Little Ds yesterday evening and got smacked real hard against the reef on my elbow, shoulder, and leg. I got urchin spines in my elbow through my wetsuit and my shoulder is real banged (i’m hoping my pin held up ok). It was only 4-6 feet but that place breaks super hard huh? It has been real windy in SB for the last week or two and it reminded me of the session you, Ty, and I got at Cojo right about this time last year…epic. Anyway i hope the fun times keep on rolling for you guys. We all miss you in SB. Laterz, Travis

  • 7 Pat Chick(Cynthia Chick's Mother) // Mar 17, 2008 at 1:01 am

    What an adventure for you and the rest of us get to share too by following the blog! How amazing to be able to make this trip! Be safe!

  • 8 Matson // Mar 17, 2008 at 10:29 am

    Yeah Kyber, spoke with Brenda and Garland Reiter last weekend at Chode’s wedding. They told me about the website. Keep up the good work! late. cm

  • 9 Dom // Mar 18, 2008 at 11:31 am

    Capitan… want to goin ya sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon but not b4 this 12ft north swell hits us over here!! Wish you were still around!! e-mail me so we can stay en contacto so i may join you on your quest!
    Much luv

  • 10 Gem // Mar 19, 2008 at 6:10 pm

    Smugglers is Kicking! Looks weird to see it so calm in the pano photo on your blog when I am sitting here watching 20 people rip it up! Such a nice wave! Where are you.. it feels cheeky having all this fun without you.
    keep living the dream and give the fur ball a squidge from me and Lola.

  • 11 Gem // Mar 19, 2008 at 6:13 pm

    p.s – I’ll see Dom’s “much luv” and raise him with a “muchus hugs & Pina Colada”.

  • 12 Mike Karry // Mar 27, 2008 at 11:36 am

    Hey Kyber,
    Good checking in with your site. First time in a month or so. Travis and Lara have brought the neighborhood up with all of their landscape and driveway/courtyard. You’ll see-looking good. Good neighbors make a good nieghborhood. Have been kiting 5 of last 7 days. 25-30kts at C-Street Sat & Sun with shoulder high sets. Coal Oil Pt was easily 30 y’day late. On the 9m with most on 6m n 7m kites.

    Barbara and I spent our honeymoon in St. Barts. Nice deep water harbor of Gustavia. Great French restaurants. Dollar a little weak against the FF here as you know better than anyone. Worth a sail over from St. Maarteen- not too far. Learned to windsurf in St. Barts on Grand Cul De Sac. Would be a great place to kite with a decent outside reef. Jimmy Buffet has (or had?) a great bar up high on cliffs with a cool pool table setup. Classic Island style and casual – if you make it! The french west inidies are more dramatic than the BVI’s….yes ? Much bigger gaps between the islands for open water sailing. Cool that you are getting the most of this life experience and not rushing it. That shot of the salty guy with the t-shirt that said something like “Live Slowly” says it all. take good care, see you on the water,

    Mike, Barbara, and Bear

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