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Bittersweet End

March 13th, 2008 · 1 Comment



If you’ve already read Kybers recent post, this may seem a little redundant.

Just when we thought we could make plans to go to St. Maarten, Mother Nature had a better idea for us. After a great Thursday volleyball at Peg Legs, we left Nanny Cay Friday with Eclipse team rider- Albert R. aboard. al_kite.jpg n732305983_310636_4552.jpg We motored East back towards our stomping grounds in the North Sound. With a forecast for heavy winds and a guaranteed rough beat East, the Natural Mystic sought shelter in the (sometimes) free and familiar mooring field at the Bitter End. With perfect conditions for kiting and a good troop of friends promising good times, we settled in near Saba Rock. Once our bridal was secured to the mooring buoy, we piled in the dink for another high speed Navy SEAL style Eustatia beach insertion.



Dawn brought more whipping winds so without any deliberation, we headed to Yellow Beach to fly some kites. This was my day to debut my kiting skills… or lack there of. Scott; one of the skilled coaches here at the Bitter End was giving a lesson to friends so I decided to join them. After a few crashes and a flesh tearing body drag, I was feeling confident that I could go pro. Once we get to St. Barts, we’ll get some footi of me on our Flexifoil board doing stupid human tricks… I can’t wait.

That night, Wesley of Mosquito Island was hosting a birthday party for his physically blessed guests. It really went off with an amazing turnout. Sir Richard Branson of nearby Necker Island was hosting a summit of green minded officials including Tony Blair. They both graced the crowd with an appearance but left before the sun went down. n33202123_31372788_3267.jpg That was just about the time the fiesta got into full blown Caribbean mash-mode. The dj was spinning fury and the dance floor, ( sand) was writhing, popping, grinding and breakin until the cows came home to cook some bacon. leannejp.jpgdancin.jpgmeradithi.jpgdj.jpg

After the Sunday night ruckus, my motivation level was at -100%. I badly needed a day of R&R so I slept, watched Simpsons, Family Guy and didn’t amount to much of anything. Albert took the noon ferry back to Tortola and Kyber went kiting for some wind therapy. Later that night we were back to the usual; hanging out with good island folks, and meeting more spring breakers, vacationers, and crew.

Tuesday’s swell predication looked good enough to go exploring Tortola’s north coast. Adam and Kenny from Necker drove the 300HP Bransonmobile, so in no time we had arrived. The swell was kinda weak but the rain squalls were intense. jbay_rainbow.jpg rainbow2.jpg

Josia ‘s Bay was the spot we chose to throw the hook in. We weren’t getting any cover shots for Surfer mag, but it was still good to be there. Afterwards, the 5 of us made a quick pit stop in Trellis Bay, then headed back to the Fat Virgin for a burger. Once we stuffed our gullets, we took the slow cruise through the mooring field back to the Bitter End Pub.

northsound.jpg This is definitely one of those places you visit and before you even leave, you’ve already made plans to come back. This resort is put together well with more charm then most spots around. As I laid out on the trampoline that night watching dozens of shooting stars, I had the most peaceful feelings of total contentment. Never before have I realized this dream I’ve sought for many years. I’m seamlessly combining work and pleasure in the center of paradise surrounded by great people. I guess I’m feeling a bit nostalgic because we’re leaving the BVI’s and the future of our trip is still uncertain.


The next day I hiked Guys trail along the hills to get a birds eye view. northend.jpg


I snorkeled around Saba Rock, did a fitness trail/weight room workout, and got a few other things done before it was time to settle in with the laptop for the old 4 hour Photoshop shift. After a long hot day at work it was nice to settle in at the dock where everything is a short stroll away.

So now I’m bittersweet at the Bitter End. We’re leaving the BVI’s to explore great destinations we haven’t seen before and more good times, (maybe even better) are in store. But I can’t help feeling unsettled about our future. California’s a long hard sail away and I’m not so sure I wanna go back!

“It’s not how much you do, but how much you love what you’re doing”

-Ben Anglin

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  • 1 Jamie // Mar 13, 2008 at 9:00 pm

    NICE! I hear St Martin is a rich people haven….you could most liklely find an unsuspecting, young girl to marry, or at least have a honeymoon with…hehe. Live it up boys because back in Cali its taxes, traffic, and beaners everywhere. Not to mention work as well! Comprende? No speaka englis. Wind is my savor…had a killer kite session today and also windsurfed too on a 5.8…yeah! Have more fun! Jamie

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