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Mud Wrestling, Bloody Skies and a Mellow Swell

March 4th, 2008 · 3 Comments

Friday night we journeyed back to the rugby field to witness another BVI beatdown on the Michigan team for the final match of their season. n33202123_31360046_6847.jpg The girls team even got in on the action at halftime proving that beauty and brawn can go hand in hand. After a decisive victory, the celebratory beers came out and the team assembled for a group photo. n33202123_31360049_7720.jpg Once the shutterbugs snapped their mug shots, the award ceremony commenced. Instead of receiving trophies or ribbons, the players were introduced to the team funnel for their prized beer bong. n33202123_31360051_8364.jpg When the suds slamming, Heineken huffing “ceremony” was all said and done, the girls had out-chugged the guys. n33202123_31360055_9474.jpg n33202123_31360056_9767.jpg The clouds rolled in fast and released their nightly flow. If it rains cats and dogs in the States then I guess it poured chickens and dingos here on Tortola. After everyone ran for cover, the party rolled on with music bumping from the stands through the hills. After a 20 minute downpour the field was saturated and the mud was ripe. No player with clean clothes could escape the inevitable mud wrestling match that would ensue.n33202123_31360059_637.jpg n33202123_31360062_1534.jpg Some players volunteered their relative cleanliness but not everyone would be so willing. Those reluctant ones were dragged kicking and screaming to the mud pit for a bath of soggy topsoil. n33202123_31360060_933.jpg

When everyone had their fill of mud, they marched to the beach to wash off. After a salty rinse, the celebration resumed at the Bomba Shack. n33202123_31360078_6790.jpg

The previous photos were provided by Tortola’s finest graphic designer, Leanne Smitt. Thanks

The rest of the weekend was not nearly as entertaining. We declined an invite to join friends at the Willy T on Saturday. Instead of more liver punishing fun at Norman island, I chose to make it a Blockbuster night on the Natty M. As the earths rotation moved this hemisphere away from the sun, the sky turned to blood. As hues of red, orange and cyan painted the sky, theĀ  reflection on the water portrayed the canvas above. That was by far, the best sunset I’ve seen here. soper_flag-sunset.jpgsopers_sunset.jpgsolarsunset.jpg

On Sunday, we joined in on a engagement party then hiked a blistering march through the rain from Carrot Bay back to Soper’s Hole. sopers_birdview.jpg

Yesterday Kyber and I took advantage of a small swell in the afternoon. We powered the red rocket super dink to Apple Bay to catch a few waves. After a mellow session, we headed back to our mooring to clean the crud from the bottom of the hulls. After a few chicken burritos we called it a night.

Today we’re prepping the boat for our sail to St. Maarten on Tursday. That’s right, we’re finally leaving the BVI after two, fun-filled months. Our friend Albert will be joining us for the trip to the French and Dutch island to watch the world famous Heineken Regatta. We will be meeting Matt there to discuss the possibility of him joining us through the canal.


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  • 1 sabork // Mar 4, 2008 at 9:50 pm

    Mud, beer bongs and rugby…sounds like a bloody good time. great sunset….have a safe and fun trip to St.Maartin, watch out for pirates. later bros, Sandor

  • 2 Jamie // Mar 5, 2008 at 2:34 am

    Im back….read all the blogs I missed…cool! I snowboarded my brains out in Utah…unreal place…Snow Basin and powder country at powder mountain resort. Also snow kited at PMountain as well. What an experience..its was way cool to fly across the snow and do a fast turn. I will do it again for sure! So, what is your time table…when would be a good hook up time with you guys? Let me know Kyber! Take care! JD

  • 3 charles Logue // Mar 9, 2008 at 12:21 am

    Read Matt’s bio and he certainly has covered a lot of terra firma in a very short time. Something is motivating him to just just keep moving, so don’t count on him to hang around if a problem develops. Best not to go where there is no exit. Plan ahead, way ahead. And then again, the best laid plans don’t always pan out. Loved the sunset. Being a naturalist,I would love to see a picture or two of a shell, fish or bird. Always rooting for you, Charles

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