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Wind and more Wind

February 5th, 2008 · 1 Comment

palmtree.jpgcanegard_kybottm.jpgThe wind continues to blow here every day as it has before man ever walked on this part of the earth. Nonstop trades and fun people make the islands here a true water playground. More of the same today, the rash is a little better after sitting it out a day and hopefully with the help of some Duct tape, Gauze and Lycra I’ll be back in the water again trying to rip it up and have some fun with the Kite Crew at the bitter end.

I’m glad to here that Cachuma is spilling back home and the hills are green again. It must be a beautiful sight, I do miss the gorgeous vistas of Santa Barbara and the Central Coast and being away from your home for so long, makes you miss those sights, all our friends and especially those we love. The sailing is hard physical work, but the mental part of the trip is just as hard or even harder than the physical aspect and you really learn so much about yourself and life undertaking such an endeavor as this. So with great hope and joy we are looking forward to our first visitors from Santa Barbara this Friday, Sandor and Lars and hope they will breathe a breath of fresh air into some weary travelers.

So take care back home and enjoy all the snow this winter for us, as that form of water doesn’t exist here and we will see you all soon again and sooner if you come and visit.

Cheers – Kyber


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  • 1 Jamie // Feb 5, 2008 at 10:41 pm

    Cane garden bay pics? Looks fun! Wish I could drop everything and visit…oh …thats right I have a job, wife, young kids and a mortage to pay. Wow….thats a reality shock. Mckelly and I will see you in April for the Panamal canal and Costa Rica! I have a special gift for Tye…hopefullt it will be here tomorrow and I will give it to S-dude for delivery…hint…Bruce Lee enter the dragon.JD

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