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“painkillers”, fiberglass dust, rooster wake-ups, and shipwreck nightmares

January 15th, 2008 · 3 Comments

There’s only one way to beat the heat… the “painkiller”. This fruity, frothy drinks consists mainly of rum. Add a little coconut milk, OJ, pineapple juice and ice, blend or better yet- it’s more slam-able on the rocks. Top it off with a dash of nutmeg and… shazamm, your in flavor country. YES I know, it’s kinda “foo foo” and on the girlie end of the scale, but hey… when in Rome right? NO, were not total lushes. We just have some downtime here in the shipyard while the pro’s grind glass dust onto every square inch of the boat. We’ve all suffered some blues from our lack of surf and wind so to quote Homer J Simpson… “alcohol- the cause and solution to all of life’s problems”.Don’t expect to sleep in though. There’s a chicken population here that delivers a prompt wake-up call for all to enjoy. There’s more roosters here than cars that were built in the 2000’s. It’s nice to wake up early so that you can enjoy the day before the sun goes into attack mode. The sun and I used to have a good relationship. I have a fairly dark complection ( for a gringo ), and I’ve always spent a lot of time outside so things worked out well. That is until these little bumps began sprouting on my shoulders and back. Itchy and Scratchy time… heat rash sucks. Now I’m trying to avoid the sun like an albino and lubeing up with aloe to ease the suffering. I’m not peeling or anything, matter-o-fact, I’m tanned like a Hollywood actress, it’s just these tiny bumps that itch like crazy. Then there’s always the mosquitos. They will probe you in the evening and leave you scraching in AM but it usually wears off shortly. It’s all a small price to pay to spend a winter in the tropics.So, we thought everyone had adjusted to being on land and not sailing the high seas. Saturday night, Ty and I went to Captain Mulligans to watch the NFL playoffs. Kyber didn’t join us though, (soccer nerd), he made dinner and went to bed early. When Ty and I moseyed on back from the pub, we weren’t to quietest bunch to stroll through the shipyard that night. When we clomped up on the boat after climbing the ladder, we made enough noise to wake Kyber from his dreams. Apparently, he must’ve been having a dream that we were sailing and heading for a reef. After a few seconds, Kyber comes running up in a panicked fury, blows by Ty and I, running outside to fend off from the reef. Delirious and and wild-eyed, it took him several of the funniest moments to realize he was dreaming. I assured him we had been hauled out for 2 days and everything was ok, but in true Kyber stubbornness; he was only convinced after spending some alone-time on the bow. Good times, oh and by the way, I should add that this came after Kyber had his first painkiller.Thanx for reading, I’ll post some pics from Nanny Cay soon.-Ben

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  • 1 sabork // Jan 15, 2008 at 10:37 pm


  • 2 Sylvia, Ben's other parent // Jan 15, 2008 at 11:24 pm

    Sunscreen (and lots of it) is your friend when dwelling in lands and waters so much nearer the Equator than you’re used to!

  • 3 Jamie // Jan 16, 2008 at 1:13 am

    Wow, sounds better here in SB. 75 today downtown and very mild. Surf was good for 2 days but no wind. Im sure the ranch was pumping . Oh well, you just realize more and more, no matter were you go…its still hard to beat Santa Barbara. Pray for wind…when the trades come back, kiteboard your asses off! Stay cool! JD

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